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    Clarke Tin Whistle Instruction CD Track List
    Total Time: 74 Minutes

    (Tunes #'s 39, 48, 58, 79 & 82 include sample soundfiles and music notation.)

    1. First Notes, Exercises, etc.
    2. Au Clair de la Lune; French Folk Song
    3. Completing the Scale
    4. Sweet Betsy from Pike; American Folk Song
    5. Lesson 1: The Muffin Man; English Children's Song
    6. Lesson 2: Oranges and Lemons; English Singing Game
    7. Lesson 3: Merrily We Roll Along; English
    8. Lesson 3: Go Tell Aunt Rhody; American Children's Song
    9. Lesson 4: Mitty Matty; Irish Children's Song
    10. Lesson 5: Johnny Get Your Haircut; American Fiddle Tune
    11. Lesson 6: The Lyke Wake Dirge; Scottish Air
    12. Lesson 7: Katie Bairdie; Scottish Children's Song
    13. Lesson 8: Oats and Beans and Barley Grow; Anglo-American Singing Game
    14. Lesson 8: The Cat's Jig; Irish
    15. Lesson 9: The Lewis Bridal Song; Scottish
    16. Lesson 10: Yankee Doodle; American March
    17. Lesson 10: Don Oíche Úd i mBeithil; Irish Christmas Carol
    18. Wallflowers; Irish Children's Song
    19. What Shall We Do With a Drunken Sailor?; English Sea Chanty
    20. The Quaker's Wife; Scottish Jig
    21. Tim Finnegan's Wake; Irish Music Hall Song
    22. Hey Diddle Dis; English Morris Dance
    23. The Bonny, Bonny Broom; English Country Dance
    24. The Road to Boston; American March
    25. L'il Liza Jane; American Fiddle Tune
    26. The Wagoner's Lad; American Folk Song
    27. The Eagle's Whistle; Irish March
    28. The Parting Glass; Irish Ballad
    29. Drummond Castle; Scottish March
    30. Bonaparte's Grand March; Irish March
    31. The Blue-Eyed Stranger; English Morris Dance
    32. The Ladies' Pleasure; English Morris Dance
    33. Idbury Hill; English Morris Dance
    34. The Boatman; English Country Dance
    35. The Trip to Tunbridge; English Country Dance
    36. Quick Scotch; American Fife Tune
    37. The Gay Gordons; Scottish Couple Dance
    38. The Old Grey Cat; English Reel
    39. Rufty Tufty; English Country Dance
    40. Lads-A-Bunchum: English Morris Dance
    41. I'll Go and Enlist for a Sailor; English Morris Dance
    42. Constant Billy; English Morris Dance
    43. Governor King's March; American Fife Tune
    44. The Boston March; American Fife Tune
    45. The Girl I Left Behind Me; American Fife Tune
    46. Kemp's Jig; Elizabethan English Dance Tune
    47. The Helston Furry; English Processional
    48. Over the Waterfall; American Fiddle Tune
    49. West Fork Gals; American Fiddle Tune
    50. Cuts; Ornamentation Lesson
    51. Tarmon's Polka; Irish
    52. More Cuts; Ornamentation Lesson
    53. Tralee Gaol; Irish Polka
    54. Strikes; Ornamentation Lesson
    55. The Little Fair Cannavan's; Irish Slip Jig
    56. Long Rolls; Ornamentation Lesson
    57. Nóra Críona; Irish Jig
    58. Rolling in the Ryegrass, The Boys of 25; Irish Reels
    59. Rolls in Reels, Triplets; Ornamentation Lesson
    60. Kitty's Gone A Milking; Irish Reel
    61. Short Rolls; Ornamentation Lesson
    62. Maggie Pickens; Irish Highland Fling
    63. Crans; Ornamentation Lesson
    64. Fraher's Jig; Irish
    65. The Durham Rangers; English Hornpipe
    66. The Steamboat Hornpipe; English Hornpipe
    67. Poll Hapenny: Irish Hornpipe
    68. Scattery Island Slide; Irish Slide
    69. Maurice Manley's Polka; Irish
    70. Ryan's Slip Jig; Irish
    71. Brochan Lom; Scottish Strathspey
    72. Will You Go to Sherrif Muir?; Scottish Strathspey
    73. Hot Punch; Scottish March
    74. Balmoral Castle; Scottish Strathspey
    75. The Kilt is my Delight; Scottish Reel
    76. The Oyster Wives' Rant; Scottish Reel
    77. The Muckin' o' Geordie's Byre; Scottish March
    78. Old Cape Breton March; Scottish
    79. Cutty's Wedding;Scottish Strathspey
    80. Cion a' Bhuntàta; Scottish Jig
    81. Marching the Soldier Along: Irish March
    82. Casadh an tSúgáin; Irish Slow Air
    83. Úir-Chill a' Chreagáin; Irish Slow Air
    84. For the Sakes of Old Decency; Irish Reel
    85. Jim Ward's Jig; Irish
    86. Rolling in the Barrell; Irish Reel
    87. The Boy that Shaved his Father; Irish Reel
    88. Pigtown; Irish Reel
    89. The Little Bag of Spuds: Irish Reel
    90. Seán sa Cheo; Irish Reel
    91. Johnny Mickey's and Egan's Polka: Irish Polkas

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