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We offer a choice of two whistles with our learn-to-play tin whistle kits: the Clarke "original" tin whistle (right) and the Clarke Celtic Sweetone whistle (left). Both come from the Clarke Tin Whistle Company, founded in England in 1843.

The Clarke original is based on the traditional design of company founder Robert Clarke. This instrument is made of rolled tinplate with a wooden end or "fipple" plug. The Celtic Sweetone whistle also has a tinplate body, but features a molded plastic mouthpiece designed by renowned American whistle maker Michael Copeland.

The Celtic Sweetone whistle has a clear upper register and generally requires less air to blow than the standard Clarke original. As such the Sweetone is a good choice for beginning whistlers. The Clarke original has a robust, flutey tone but requires more air than the Sweetone. The Clarke original is more suitable for an experienced wind instrument player or an experienced tin whistler.

D is the standard key for most group playing and is also compatible with the Clarke instruction CD. The Clarke original C whistle is not compatible with the instruction CD but may be used with the Clarke instruction cassette in C.

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